Rise of the Runelords

Glass and Wrath part 2

Catacombs of Wrath
With Tsuto Kaijitsu dealt with, the party decides to investigate the tunnels that allowed the goblin forces to enter the Glassworks. The underground passage was once used to by the Kaijitsu family to smuggle illegal merchandise into the town of Sandpoint, but Lonjiku, ashamed of his families practices, had it bricked up years ago.

Five years ago, upon her return to Sandpoint from Magnimar, Naulia was drawn back here to these tunnels by the dreams imparted by her goddess Lamashtu. She torn down the wall at the Junker’s beach side and entered. Her destination was a side passage that led to an ancient complex used by an agent of one of the Thassilonian Runelords, Alaznist. It is this side passage that interests the party when they investigate.

An investigation of these catacombs reveals much about the recent history of Sandpoint. Deep within the passages is a Runewell tuned to the wrathful energies Alaznist represented. Far away events, as yet unknown by the party, caused the runewell to briefly surge with wrathful power that suffused the susceptible inhabitants of Sandpoint with a murderous rage. Erylium, a quasit and the sole survivor of the Thassilonian age, has sent the last five years studying the well and it’s activation. Today, when the party invades her realm, she protects it by summoning what she calls “Sinspawn”, terrible, wrath-filled creatures. Literally the embodiment of a sin made flesh, they are sentient abominations of distilled ectoplasm imprinted with the soul-image of slain creatures that possessed an abundance of a particular sin. It is no small feat, dealing with this combination of adversaries, but eventually the quasit and her crew are defeated and the catacombs cleansed.


Further explorations of the catacombs reveals the following:

  • One of the goblin heroes, Koruvus, found his way here to this “secret passage” and has been living here eve since he drank from the tainted waters atop the shrine of Lamashtu. He has come to see Erylium as his queen and follows her orders slavishly.
  • The above mentioned shrine of Lamashtu is found in a side chamber. Inside is found a platform of gray stone, atop which is a black marble altar to Lamashtu. A concavity in the top surface holds a brackish liquid known as he waters of Lamashtu.
  • A statue of Alaznist watches over the entrance to these caves. Though made of normal stone, the ransuer she clutches can be removed, and Marlovius does so.
  • A dangerous spiral staircase, long ago blocked by the rubble created when ancient Thassilon fell, is discovered.
  • Elyrium kept a journal of her own, and it is from these pages the party learns of Naulia’s education in the ways of Lamashtu.



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