Rise of the Runelords

Thistletop Part One

The Nettle Wood
It seems the threat to Sandpoint has not been ended. With the discovery of Tsuto’s journal, and the subsequent revelation that a larger assault is in the works, the party decides it is time to take the battle straight to the source. It is time to investigate the goblin stronghold at Thistletop. There is good reason to believe the mastermind and driving force behind the recent events, Naulia, can be found there as well. Using directions given to them by Shelalu, the adventurers easily find the Nettlewood, and the thick nettlemaze that guards the road leading to the stronghold.
Navigating the maze is not a simple task, and the goblins who call this place home make it no easier. This is especially true when the maze’s guardians, Grogmurt – a goblin druid – and his animal companion Tangletooth – a firepelt cat – discover the intruders. Grogmurt is not easy to defeat, and Tangletooth proves to be even tougher, but they are both eventually eliminated, and their lair searched. The party finds a journal detailing Grogmurt’s disdain for the new inhabitants of Thistletop and how he resents the fact they have taken up his position at the right hand of the goblin leader Ripnugget. With this information, the party presses onward.



A rickety wooden bridge spans the gap between the sheer cliff face of the Varisian gulf coastline and the small rocky island 50’ out into the bay. It is on this island that the goblin stronghold can be found. In some circles it is said this rocky island looks more like the gigantic head of an even larger statue, the creation of which goes back to the Thassilonian age. Fearing a trap, and rightfully so, Kizzy crosses the bridge first and secures the anchor rope that allows the others to safely reach the island.


The top portion of the stronghold is lightly defended. There are but a few goblin patrols circling the island, and a handful of guards inside. Grazmonodi charms one and gains important information about the layout of the complex and it’s inhabitants. Warchief Ripnugget, king of the Thistletop goblins is discovered in his throne room. When the party arrives, the goblin leader is watching a somewhat comical reenactment of the raid on Sandpoint. Goblin commandos and a lone warchanter attack while Chief Ripnugget mounts his gecko mount Stickfoot and charges the heroes. The battle ends when the warchief and his allies are defeated. Kizzy takes a liking to the goblin kings crown and takes it for her own.



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