Hagnog Hammerfist

Burly, Bold and Bearded


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LN Male Dwarven Fighter level 7
init +2; perception +0


ac 23, touch 14, flat-footed 20
hp 82
fort +8, ref +5, will +3


speed 20 ft.
melee MW Dwarven waraxe 15(1d107,x3)
1 Throwing axe of returning (melee) +15 (1d67, x2)
Full Two Wep attack War/throwing axe 13/13/8 (1d107 + 1d6+7)
ranged 1 throwing axe of returning +12 (1d67)


str 21, dex 15, con 14, int 10, wis 10, cha 8
base atk 7/2 ; cmb +12, cmd 24
feats Toughness, Two weapon fighting, Two weapon defense, Ironhide, combat reflexes, power attack, double slice

Gear: ring of protection +2, Cloak of resistance +1, donkey (Ruby), +1 Breastplate, +1 throwing axe of returning, +1 Dwarven war axe, Gold Lion key, Opal key, Hungry Decapitate, Potion of cure light wounds, Belt of giant strength +2

languages common, dwarven


Hagnog is stout and hardy. He has a warriors shaved head but sports a immpresivly long firey red beard. His eyes are a pale blue and his skin has a deep tan. His gear is well crafted and cleaned often but his boots warn from travel. there is a good chance that if he is not killing something then he has a mug of ale in his hand.
though he is ambidextrous, he favors his left hand were you’ll often find his dwarven waraxe

Scar: Flail From Bugbear smashed Hagnogs face leaving him permanently scared. His Left eye is blood red and a portion of the ear on that side is gone. There are also small pitted dimpled scars around his eye from the flails spikes. The wounds have been healed by magic but these defects will be carried with him for the rest of his life.

+1 Breast plate: Taken from the body of Naulia. It is a Deep black steel lined with eerie red trim. The Pouldrens were crafted to look like clawed hands sitting on the wearers shoulders. Though its look does not appeal to Hagnog, he sees the the powerful craftsmanship and has decided to put it to use for good


Mindspin Mountains Filled with giants, ogres, and trolls, not to mention deep crevasses and dangerous rockslides, the Mindspin Mountains are considered a deathtrap for all but the most experienced travelers. Ironically, such dangers might be one of Varisia’s greatest assets, as to date they’ve kept the warring orc tribes of the Hold of Belkzen from sweeping across the range into Korvosa

This is where Hagnog was born. The Hammerfist clan is a well respected clan of warriors that dwell near the surface and outside of the Mindspin Mountains. Clan Hammerfist are well know for there skills at killing goblins and giant " Both big and small, by our axe, they will fall." Clan Hammerfist is also know for there rights of traditions and following old dwarven traditions.

That means that when the time came Hagnog preformed his “right of passage” or as the dwarves call it “Gladdinggarsun.” It is a great honor for the dwarves of Hammerfist to find thier marking or “Gladdringgar.” Hagnog spent years in search of thier family Gladdringgar but he finaly found it he came home to find his home and clan distroyed

So ashamed and lost with waht to do was Hagnog that he left home in the mountains and traveled west. He took passage on one of the caravans taking iron exports to Magnimar. In Magnimar Hagnog was able to sell some of his dwarven equipment and gems he had collected in his yougth to buy some traveling gear and a donkey he named Ruby (after the gem he sold to buy her). Together Hagnog and Ruby plan to battle the evils of the surface and win back the famed respect that is Clan Hammerfist.

As of late Hagnog has been in Sandpoint quite often. opparently Hagnog’s first quest involves the “Hagfish Challange.” Ever since passing through Sandpoint and hearing about the contest at the popular tavern known as the Hagfish, he has wanted to take the coin purse prize as his own and carve his name on the ceiling beam above the bar. Or maybe Hagnog has been in sandpoint because of there new church of Desna….. It is a little known fact that Hagnog likes only one thing more than killing Giants and crushing goblins and that is … Butterflies

Hagnog Hammerfist

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